Not only in Amsterdam…

In Czech Republic all of the Albert (owned by Ahold Netherlands) supermarkets suck: bad selection, bad quality produce, rude staff.

I hate Albert Heijn

it is indeed true that the meat from AH tastes like it has been killed too long ago and kept in a warm moist enviroment just to make it taste even worse….

i don’t live in Amsterdam but we have the same problems with AH.

i can’t choose to go to another store because there isn’t any other store near my home. i work all day so i can’t go shopping before 18:00 and i can NEVER get any bread…. and when they do have bread it’s disgusting leftovers that no sensible person ever would buy…. if i want to return empty bottles they don’t have a machine but i have to press a bell and wait for hours until someone comes and counts my bottles…. how crappy is that!!!!

when you look at the scale were you need to weigh the vegetables… wow… now that is disgusting!!! that thing…

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